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I think it’s safe to say creating healthy snacks was never part of this project, so the fact I’ve spend a slightly ridiculous amount of time reading about reducing fat might come as a surprise.  But I vaguely remember reading that fruit purees can be replaced in cake.  I figured if this were the case it might be a way to improve the Strawberry Daiquiri cupcakes I made a while back.

Some of the websites I read disagreed about the effectiveness of substituting fat.  Some suggested it was entirely fine, but a good chunk (like this one) seemed to suggest that completely replacing the fat produces a doughy cake.  From what I’ve read the fat acts as a shortening, coating the protein molecules in the flour and preventing it from making long strings of gluten.  The shortened gluten is what gives the cake its light-fluffiness and the long strands of gluten is what gives bread its doughiness.  So removing all the fat, even with a replacement, is likely to result in a doughier cake, which isn’t great.  At least that’s what I understand from the reading, I could be wrong!

Now, to see if there’s a good strawberry cake recipe knocking around…