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I’d worry that my housemates, colleagues and friends are getting bored of me talking about alcoholic cake, except there are two reasons which make me think not.  The first is the amount of times I’ve been asked if the tote bag I’m carrying has cake it in (most likely yes) and then there’s this:

This is a cider cake my friend Andrew presented to me on a night out.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice, but the one over at his blog is MUCH better.  Andrew studied food and nutrition at university and works in something food-science related, so he’s the person I bore most with my baking questions (the bartenders at work get the alcohol questions).  Check out his blog for more food recipes, including the cider cake recipe.

Thankfully he can’t be too bored with being asked lots of cake related questions as he told me I shouldn’t be having all the fun and presented me with his own half cut cake.  It was delicious too…I can’t wait to try baking it myself!