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After some success with the whisky and rum cakes I wanted to try another spirit cake.  Gin is my favourite spirit (with lemonade, ginger beer, Ting or in cocktails form, but I’m yet to develop a taste for tonic), so it only seemed natural to try this one next.  Big problem though; gin cake wasn’t going to be as easy at merely wacking in a load of it into the cake, owing to the whole gin being a base spirit flavoured with botanicals issue. So the next best thing seemed to be to figure out how to get the most popular of gin botanicals into the cake, starting with the star of the show, juniper.

And this is how I happened upon the idea of sugar infusion.  I’ve seen people use vanilla sugar before, but I wondered whether the same could be done with gin’s botanicals.  I found an article on StyleAtHome.com where Heidi Noble talked about infusing sugar with cardamom.  So I figured I’d give this a go…

The top box is the cardamom, corriander seeds and juniper ground down and mixed in with the sugar and the bottom box is the juniper and cardamom bruised (bashed?) slightly and left in with the sugar to be sieved out later.  I’m leaving them for a few weeks, giving them a good shake daily and we’ll see how it works!