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Occasionally I cook things that aren’t cake.  The other night I was making a cottage pie and my housemate B jokingly commented that she was disappointed it couldn’t go on the blog, although I pointed out that the sauce had a glass of white wine in it (honestly I don’t add alcohol to everything this really was in the recipe).  So B told me I simply had to add it to the blog.  So even though it’s not a cake, here is my cottage pie…

Cottage pie made with potato and beef mince

I can’t seem to find the recipe online, which is strange as it came from the BBC Good Food magazine and they usually put everything on their website.  Then again I only loosely followed it as I had discounted vegetables to use up in the sauce, a jar of passata instead of chopped tomatoes and switched the milk for soya milk, so I’m not sure there would be much point!