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Deliciously sweet with the light nuttiness of the almond flavour, it’s hard not to like amaretto.  My mum has recently discovered it and now seems to round off all dinner parties with amaretto infused fruit.  It’s been well-liked in our house for a while now, with my housemate Pants drinking amaretto and cola which she says tastes a bit like an alcoholic Dr Pepper.

So it only seemed natural to knock up a quick batch of cupcakes using the almond liqueur.  The concern with amaretto in cake is that it will make the cupcake sickly sweet, so I wondered whether to cut back on the sugar.  In the end I didn’t bother, figuring that as a quite light flavour it might be worth just risking.  Turns out it was fine.

I used Luxardo Amaretto, an Italian amaretto which uses real almonds.  There are other better-selling amarettos on the market but some of them don’t use almonds in their recipe and that just seems a little odd to me.  I appreciate that it’s possible to create a flavour without using that flavour, but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

Amaretto cupcake

Amaretto cupcakes

160g  caster sugar
160g butter (or margarine)
2 medium eggs
25ml amaretto
160g self raising flour
icing – butter, icing sugar and a small amount of amaretto

Cream in the butter and sugar
Add the eggs one by one making sure they’re fully combined
Stir in the amaretto
Sieve in the flour
Divide the mixture into cupcake cases and bake until they pass the toothpick test (comes out clean)
Leave to cool
Make up a simple buttercream icing and all in a little amaretto (I didn’t give measurements for this because it’s a case of how much you can get in without making the icing too wet).  Unfortunately I didn’t measure out the icing.
Hide them from your housemates and leave the cakes so that the icing can set a little.

These were a big hit amongst both my housemates and the bartenders.  A couple of the bartenders shared that they were concerned that the amaretto would make them sickly, but actually it gave a really nice almond flavour without being too overpowering.  Definitely one to makeagain.

(Sorry for the rubbish photo, I made the cakes late at night and I only had my phone to snap a photo)