Recipe sites – cake and cocktails

BBC Good Food – a great go to site for recipes of all manner, not just cake.  Often a good starting point the recipes.

Diffords Guide – all things cocktail.  A database of nearly 3000 cocktails, plus lots of info on the background of them and a weekly digital magazine.

The bars

Island Bar – Birmingham’s best cocktail bar.  And I’m not just saying that because I work for them, but they have awesome bartenders whose enthusiasm for their craft means they’ll also come up with ace suggestions for cake. Plus they host a Rum Club for the fine folk of Birmingham and who doesn’t like free rum.

The Victoria – Recently voted in the top ten gastropubs in the UK which means not only do I have great bartenders to ask cake and alcohol questions to, but chefs too.

Blogs I follow

Sweet Tooth – Run by Erica a dental student obsessed with baking this always has quirky recipes. Plus she made Blue Moon cupcakes I keep meaning to try one day.

The Caked Crusader – a pun on Batman will always get my interest initially, but this keeps it with some yummy posts and she’s British so no need to translate from cups!

An American Cupcake in London – baking, ice cream making and book review ~ both recipe books and cake related fiction books too!

Cupcakes Take the Cake – a blog rounding up some of the most amazing cupcakes from around the world.  Usually makes me hungry and wish I spend more time on cake decorating.

Cake Wrecks – when cake goes horribly wrong.


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